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Turkey Health Tourism

Health tourism is now considered one of the most important trends in our world. We can simply define health tourism as traveling from country to another to seek beauty with affordable health care.

In general, perfection is what everyone is looking for today. The thing that led the individual to search for methods to control the aging process.

In the other hand the lack of adequate insurance and the high cost in the west. Beside the possibility of having access to certain treatments that are not available in certain countries, made people choose Turkey in priority as first destination for health tourism. And what made it so easy is the high quality of services provided at an affordable cost.

Recently Turkey has become a popular and attractive destination for tourists coming from all around the world for health tourism.

Not only to get the advanced health services

Facilities but also the touristic advantages are the reasons for that popularity. As a result, Turkey offers not only medical tourism but also health tourism as a whole for foreign patients. In other words, Turkey seeks for the competitive advantage of health tourism with the power of its tourism experience.

For thousands of years, health tourism has been around. In fact, people in ancient Mesopotamia traveled to the temple of a healing god or goddess in Tell Brak, Syria to heal eye disorders.

Greeks and Romans also traveled by foot or boat to spas all over the Mediterranean. Spa towns in Belgium and sanitaria were one of the early forms of medical tourism. And now people are traveling from all corners of the world to turkey to receive medical treatments. Creating a market called health tourism.

Implementing policies to fuel the health tourism market is one of the reasons countries prefer Turkey. Which makes it become a premier and popular destination for medical tourists. Especially, for less complicated treatments, like hair transplantation, abdominoplasty, rhinoplasty, and other treatments. In addition to that, the government offers discounts for patients flying with Turkish Airlines. The government is also planning to introduce tax-free healthcare zones for foreign patients. More and more governments and companies are offering cheap flights, open borders and inclusive packages to further fuel this segment of the tourism market.

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