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Sapphire Hair Transplant

FUE Sapphire Technique is the latest modernized hair transplantation method. It is the less invasive hair transplant technique performed in Istanbul Turkey.

Sapphire Technique differs from the classical FUE method by channel opening tool. FUE method uses metal flat sheets to open channels, which creates inappropriate channels shape that may not suite the follicles . While sapphire method uses a special pen which head is made of sapphire precious stone.

Why I would chose sapphire  technique ?

Using sapphire crystals for the opening of the micro-channels makes the process more accurate. “Sapphire blades” precisely open the incision in 3D, creating the smallest micro-channels. That close from 48 to 72 hours and heal in a few days. Thus, the healing process of a hair transplant is faster, minimizing the formation of scabs. The result is natural, and the density of the implanted hair is high, as more channels for the follicle micro-transplant are opened.

FUE Sapphire hair transplant procedure in our clinic

During the consultation, the surgeon will determine the new hair line to implant. And that will be according to the patient’s preferences and the position of the forehead muscles. Then, the patient will have local anesthesia in the donor area then the receiving area. So he will be awake during the procedure but does not feel anything.

The procedure consists of the following steps :

  • Hair extraction : using micro-motor punch with 0.7 mm diameter. It helps extracting follicles one by one without any damage to the hair or the skin. The hypothermosol solution will serve as a conservative for the follicles while opening channels.
  • Channels opening : using sapphire pen, with the precious sapphire stone head, which helps open 3-dimensional incisions into the receiving area.
  • Hair transplanting : which is inserting each follicle into an incision.

After Sapphire hair transplant surgery

After the surgery, the patient can go home immediately as there is no need for extra care. However, there are some instructions to follow to protect the implanted hair, and for better healing.

  • The patient must drink plenty of liquids such as water and natural fruit juice to help discard anesthesia liquids.
  • During the first week, he should not touch the grafted areas, in addition he should wear buttoned shirts.
  • Sleep on the back only, for the first 5 days to avoid harming the newly implanted follicles.
  • Avoid direct exposure to the sun for long time.
  • Exercising should wait up to 1 month and swimming will have to wait 2 months.

Benefits of Sapphire FUE Technique

  • A better control of the sapphire pen while opening channels gives a more natural looking hair growth.
  • Using the precious stone of sapphire reduces the risk of infection, so the recovery is faster.
  • Decreased risk of trauma, scalp tissue damage and possible complications.
  • The grafted hair follicles cling perfectly into the 3D incisions.
  • The transplanted hair growth rate is the highest among all the hair transplant techniques.


Depending on the density of the donor area, we can achieve 6000 grafts in one session with sapphire technique.
The donor area will recover completely after 2 weeks and the growing hair will cover the tiny points where the hair has been removed. So there will be no visible scars.
It is possible to get a hair transplant without shaving your hair. But the result will no be as good as fully shaved hair transplant, because the channels opening will be limited as the vision of the bald areas will not be clear.
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