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Hair Mesotherapy

What is Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy has been approved by the FDA (American Health Organization) and its results are highly effective medical practice.  Men and women who realize that their hair is thinning rapidly can have healthier hair by feeding their hair with this method.  In the hair mesotherapy method, microinjection is made into the scalp at minimal dosages from the middle section by using very fine-tipped needles.

Thanks to microinjection, the dermis layer, which is the functional layer of the skin, is stimulated and the minerals, oligo-elements, vitamins, and regulators required by the hair follicle are given to the tissue.  The procedure is applied locally and this application can be applied to anyone regardless of gender or age.

What are the Advantages of Hair Mesotherapy Method?

The hair mesotherapy method is applied locally and gives high-quality results.  It can be applied to different regions only by selecting the desired regions.  While the spilled area is stimulated, other hair follicles are also positively affected by this application.  Another advantage is that the application is completed in few sessions.  In most applications, people notice the positive development of their hair in the first moments.  Medicines applied in low-cost hair mesotherapy are applied by physicians.

Does Hair Mesotherapy Grow Hair?

Yes, it is observed that hair loss stops in every man and woman treated and the treatment works.  Thanks to this application, the hair follicles are stimulated and the minerals and vitamins needed by the hair follicles are given, the ground is prepared for the hair to return to its healthy state.

Mesotherapy is a baldness treatment option that provides hair regrowth in men and women, and male pattern baldness can be delayed with this method.  Hair mesotherapy offers an alternative treatment method for those who have hair loss problems and those who seek treatment before hair transplantation.  Male pattern baldness is a serious problem for the majority of the general population.  Common symptoms of baldness include hair breakage, patchy hair loss, and thinning hair.

Before and After Hair Mesotherapy Treatment

Some studies have shown that the naturally occurring dihydrotestosterone hormone is one of the factors that cause hair loss.  The techniques used in mesotherapy treatment for hair loss are done with mesotherapy methods.  It has shown positive results regarding hair regrowth in both men and women. Thanks to a special cocktail used, blood circulation in the scalp are increased and vitamin support is given.  Better circulation provided can regrow your hair and increase your strand count.

With hair mesotherapy, your hair follicles are better nourished.  In the treatment of hair loss, manual mesotherapy is performed with an injection gun, unlike injected mesotherapy.  This method helps to make the hair loss treatment both faster and potentially less painful.  Five to six sessions may be required for this mesotherapy application in the treatment of hair loss.  Mesotherapy can eliminate or delay the need for hair transplantation with proper application and proper care after treatment.

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