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Eyebrow Transplant

A lot of women lose their eyebrows permanently for many reasons. Over plucking the eyebrows is considered the number one reason for eyebrow loss among women. Also comes regular makeup using and health issues such as alopecia.

Before now, women used makeup or the semipermanent solution of microblading to bring back their eyebrows. But now with the improvement of hair restoration techniques, there is an increasing interest in eyebrow transplant.

What is eyebrow transplant procedure ?

An eyebrow transplant is a cosmetic procedure that involves transferring hair grafts to your brow area. its goal is that new hairs will grow from these grafts, producing a fuller look.

The procedure is the same as a traditional hair transplant, but more delicate. As the surgeon should select fine hair follicles to give a more natural look.

Firstly, the surgeon will trace the shape of the new eyebrow as desired by the patient. Then, he will shave a small part of the donor area (the back of the head) to extract the hair grafts. Using micro motor punch for extracting hair leaves no scars and prevent scalp and hair damage.

Secondly, the surgeon will open micro incisions into the eyebrow using a tiny slits or sapphire pen. Respecting existing hair growth direction and angle gives a natural looking result. But, if DHI Choi pen technique is used there is no need for this step as the Choi pen opens and insert at the same time.

In the last step, the surgeon will insert the harvested hair follicles into the incisions.

Recovery after eyebrow transplant and results

The recovery period is pretty short, you can go back to your daily routine after 3 days. However, you should avoid exercise and swimming for one month. You may notice some scabbing the first week, try to not pick them. You should also avoid eyebrow makeup until you see full result.

If you see the transplanted hair fall out, don’t panic this is normal, The new hair may take few months to grow, and the full result may wait up to 10 months.


Of course they can. Although eyebrow transplant is mostly demanded by women, the procedure is effective for men as well.
The results are permanent, unless some disease occur and causes hair loss.
In fact it is a bit different, as the head hair is supposed to grow longer than eyebrows. Thus, you have to trim your eyebrows every now and then to keep the natural look of them.
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