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FUE Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant is a revolutionary procedure in hair restoration field and the most popular. In fact “FUE” stands for “Follicular Unit Extraction” which means hair follicles are extracted one by one. Using a special device called micro motor punch left no need to use the scalpel or any other surgical tools. And that is why it is considered a microsurgical procedure and the less invasive among hair restoration procedures.

This procedure has been successfully used for more than a decade for permanent hair restoration. And it showed outstanding results in matter of density and natural looking hair. Since then, Turkey has adopted FUE procedure to become a lead in hair transplant.

Fue hair transplant procedure in Turkey

During the consultation, the doctor will determine the area to implant and the density of the donor area. In fact the number of grafts harvested depends on the strength of the hair in the back of the head (donor area). However, if the donor area is insufficient, the doctor may consider extracting grafts from the beard (under the chin) to complete the number. Then, the doctor will trace the hair line according to the patient preferences and the aesthetic needs. Fue transplant procedure consists of 3 steps and is performed under local anesthesia.

  1. Hair follicles harvest : the medical team uses micro motor punch device. It allows to extract hair follicles one by one with less damage to the graft or the scalp. This allows to harvest up to 6000 grafts in one session.
  2. Opening channels : using tiny metal slits to open channels makes it easier to recover without leaving any scars. While opening channels physician must respect the directions and angle of existing hair in that area.
  3. Graft implantation : the last step is to insert the hair grafts into the channels to fill all the bald area. The procedure doesn’t need any stitches or to spend the night at the hospital. The patient can leave directly and continue his normal  life.

Recovery after FUE transplant

The FUE hair transplant is a microsurgical procedure, which means it doesn’t need any visible incision or a scalpel. Thus, the patient can go back to his daily life immediately. However, there are some instructions to follow during the recovery time, such as :

  • Drinking plenty of liquids such as water and natural fruit juice to help discard anesthesia liquids.
  • Not wearing a cap or  hat.
  • Avoiding touching the grafted areas during the first week, and wearing buttoned shirts.
  • Sleeping on the back only, for the first 5 days to avoid harming the newly implanted follicles.
  • Avoiding direct exposure to the sun for long time.
  • Exercising should wait up to 1 month and swimming will have to wait 2 months.

Before After Gallery

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Best candidate for FUE transplant are individuals with receding hairline, balding hair, partly lost hair.
If the alopecia is stable and not spread we can perform hair transplant.
Yes. And we give a lifetime guarantee for that.
FUE hair transplant is a microsurgical procedure with minimal complication possibility, where the patient can return right away to his normal life with no risk on his health.
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