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Beard and Moustache Transplantation

For men, the beard plays a big aesthetic and psychologic role in personality determination. It is considered a symbol of masculinity, as it starts growing from puberty and thickens with time. Thus, it can affect men’s self confidence if it does not appear at all or if it’s not as dense as it should be.

Therefore, beard and moustache transplant procedure came to solve this problem permanently. The most recent hair transplant techniques are also applied to implant hair into beard area. The results are fascinating and gives a thicker and fuller natural looking beard.

Beard and moustache transplantation procedure

Beard and moustache transplantation is no different from hair transplantation. The same steps are performed with the same techniques. However, the only concern is the hair graft placement angle as the face hair grows in a specific direction.

Firstly, the surgeon will determine the beard and moustache area to implant. And that is according to the aesthetic requirement and the patient preferences. Afterward, the patient will receive local anesthesia into the donor area to start hair extraction. Using a micro-motor punch to extract hair follicles one by one, provides a more selective and less invasive extraction.

After the extraction comes channels opening step. The patient will then receive local anesthesia into the receptor area. Then the surgeon starts opening tiny incisions into the face using sapphire pen or a metallic blade. The channels opening process must respect the natural hair growing direction and the areas where it should be more or less dense.

The last step is follicles implantation. The surgeon’s assistants will insert each follicle into an incision respecting the normal hair growth angle. This gives a more natural look to the implanted beard and moustache hair.

Who can benefit a beard and moustache transplant ?

Beard transplant is suitable for men who :

  • Are 20 years old and above, because the beard may grow late.
  • Have no beard or have only a part of the beard grown.
  • Have lost their beard or moustache or a part of them because of some diseases or accident.
  • Want to hide a scar in the face.

After beard and moustache transplant

After the beard transplant surgery, the patient can go home directly. However, he must follow some important instructions such as :

  • Avoiding the direct sun shine.
  • Not touching the newly implanted hair.
  • sleeping exclusively on the back for the first few days.
  • Wash your beard as shown by the doctor.
  • Avoiding exercise for the 1 month and swimming for 2 months.

Beard transplant results

The hair will grow after one week, then it will fall again to allow the permanent hair to take the place. The patient will see visible results after 3 to 4 months, however, the final results will be seen after one year when all the hair is out.


The number of transplanted grafts is determined by the zones to be implanted and the level of emptiness you have in your beard. The number may vary between 500 to 3000 grafts.
The hair follicles are taken from the back of the head, which is considered resistant to baldness. So the results are permanent, unless some diseases occur that may cause hair loss.
Yes. It is very effective, and a lot o patients undergo beard transplant to hide burn marks or scars.
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